Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great Horned Owl - The jig is up !!!

Great Horned Owl, originally uploaded by Campobello Island.

The jig is up !!!

I must admit that when I took the top photo from a friend's car window I thought I was taking a picture of a real owl. It was only after I got home and saw the picture enlarged that I suspected there was a joke going on here and maybe I'm the fall guy. I have waited three days and nobody has fessed up so there is the chance that the other people on the Sunday walk with me were fooled too or were they? If it is a ruse they have played their parts very well.

There were seven people on the walk and as usually happens people walk at different speeds so we end up with several smaller groups . I was with one other member of the group out in front of the rest of the pack by several hundred feet. When the walk was over we waited for the group behind us to catch-up. When they arrived they were talking about the Owl they had seen and asking if we saw it too, we hadn't. Here's where the plot thickens, when we got in the cars to leave I think it was I who suggested to the driver of the car I was in that we drive back to see if the owl was still there. If the driver and a second friend in the car, lets just say their initials are P & G, were aware of the plastic Owl they should start playing poker now !!!!

Since Sunday G tells me the photo has been sent on to the local Audubon group for possible publication in their news letter. I have had several friends comment on the photo asking if it is real and I have either tried to convince them of the authenticity of the Owl or avoided replying to their questions. SORRY !!

I decided this morning that I don't dare let this go any further on the off chance that the photo might get published as a real sighting, so I drove back to Centerville and took the second photo below. Now like the cat I'm dieing with curiosity to know who knew what and when.

The jig is up !!!

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