Friday, January 10, 2014

Seeds - Grow Room - Cooking Segment

The seed catalogs and seed orders have started arriving. I take a look around in the grow room, it looks like the cucumber is starting to develop and one of the lettuce plants started to bolt so I harvested it. I planted some of the new seeds that just arrived and picked herbs to used in my baked stuffed potato recipe . Attached is this years seed list.

 Plant List 2014
 Seaboost Sea Weed Fertilizer
1. Early Butternut Squash
2. Baby Leaf Blend Mixed Greens
3. Kossak Kohlrabi
4. Blue Curled Scotch Kale
5. Black King Eggplant
6. Fremont Cauliflower
7. Rendero Cabbage
8. Merlin Beets
9. Stevia
10.Italian Dark Green Parsley
11.Bouquet Dill
12.Penny Series Violas - Citrus Mix -- Jump Up -- Penny Lane Mix
13.Tomcat Pepper
14.Patio Star Squash
15.Veseys Basil Blend
16.Broadleaf Chives
17.Monte Gusto Beans
18.Totem Organic Belgian Endive
19.Big Bomb Chilli
20.Thai Chilli
21.French Marigolds from Rob Bob in Australia
22.Cuthbertson Mix Sweet Peas
23.Gardeners Delight Tomato
24.Calypso Cucumber
25.Carrot Bolero
26.Rutabaga York Turnip
27.Broccoli Gypsy
28.Swiss Chard Fordhook Giant
29.Cucumber Rocky
30.Cayenne Pepper
31.Uncle David's Dakota Dessert Squash
32.Crown Pea
33.Ne Plus Ultra Shelling Pea
34.Velour Bush Snap Beans
35.Ethiopian Lentils
36. Cara Potatoes
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