Thursday, December 10, 2015


A talking head video. My reply to the 10 questions posed by the #ALLOTMENTCHALLENGE.

1 How long have you had your Allotment for?
2 How long did you have to wait for your Allotment?
3 Where did you learn about Gardening?
4 Do you plant a Winter Garden?
5 What has been your biggest success this year/ever?
6 What's been your biggest Gardening disaster?
7 Do you have a tried and true crop variety that you always grow?
8 Are you planning on trying anything new next year?
9 How do you preserve your crops?
10 What's your favourite meal to cook with veg from the Plot?

I challenge the following two Channels to answer the questions:

Robert at the Painchaud channel:


Paul at the Lifeinthialand channel:

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