Saturday, November 8, 2014

First Snow & end of season clean up

We had our first snow on November 2nd. not a lot here along the coast only a few centimetres northern areas of the province got a lot more and there were also lots of power outages in some places. Fair warning that winter is on it's way though and time to get all of those last minute jobs done before the big freeze arrives. In the video I harvested the last of the Thai and Cayenne chillies, both of these varieties are heirloom and as I said in the video I will be offering seeds on David's (Work With Nature) website a great source of information on seed saving and also free heirloom variety seeds. Currently I offer Blue Podded Pea seeds and will add these chilli seeds as soon as they are dry. The video from last year on Pickled Cauliflower.
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